Pamela S. Taylor, PhD

Dr. Pam, speaker, counselor, coach, consultant and owner of New Hope Counseling Center, Dr. Pam provides services to adolescents, marriages, couples and adults with depression, anxiety, and many other issues.


Dr. Pam has counseled in school settings, in private practice, in the church environment, and in mental health clinics.  Her internship was two-fold.  First, in a community setting fostering family relationships and secondly providing evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults to assess learning disabilities, behavior disorders, and personality traits.  She serves clients with a focus on results oriented counseling applied from both a Christian and clinical perspective.


Additionally, Dr. Pam has served as Adjunct Faculty at local and state colleges and universities where she has taught Psychology, Critical Thinking, and Career Management.  Pamela has presented to many professional groups including the American Psychological Association, the North Central Urban Extension Conference, and the Missouri Division of Youth Services. She has facilitated leadership workshops and been the guest speaker at several women’s conferences.  Finally, Dr. Pam is the author of one book used in many workshops.  “I Choose Rejection” helps those with a desire to stop the cycle of emotional abuse.


Dr. Pam received both her Masters and PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri.  Her Masters was completed with an emphasis in Career Counseling and her PhD with an emphasis in both School Psychology and Social Work.


Member of:

Mid Missouri Health Counselors Association

American Counseling Association
American Association of Christian Counselors



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